The best ways to Pick a MIG Welder

Take into attention the measure of power that you would undoubtedly need on the number of the stocks that you make use. If you think on welding product that is 1.0 mm thick, after that, I suggest that you keep a MIG welder with a grain of 30 amps. Go with much less restrictive to 30 amps if you think on dealing with thinner sheets. Wish more meaningful than 30 amps if you bargain with thicker layers. Keep in mind the thirty policy in this situation.

I suggest you choose the Lincoln Easy Mig 140 with an input power of 120V if you are not brand-new to welding yet aiming to utilize it for the residence. Take into consideration the Everlast Power-MIG 140E if you intend to use welding outside the apartment after that. This welder's one-of-a-kind property is its potential to invert power to secure that you could utilize it in unknown websites where there may be a scarcity of energy.

A task cycle at 20 percent would unquestionably work continuously for two consecutive mins. Bear in mind that by putting even more power in the situation, the task cycle will assuredly be much smaller.

MIG Welder
If you are a newbie to custom welding helmet, after that I recommend that you choose the Lotos Mig 140. This welder is the most effective in the marketplace for newbies because it was effortless to obtain use of switches and also has sufficient power for an extended range of home-based Do It Yourself jobs.

The quantity of power that you call for will undoubtedly hinge on the kind of task that you will undoubtedly be servicing. If you intend to work with smaller sized, home-based jobs, I suggest that you pick a 115V welder with an outcome of 140A. If you plan to get a new job, the 220V welder would unquestionably be much better fit for your position.

Anyone could head out as well as get a MIG welder. Keep in mind that no one could get a unique MIG welder. The MIG welder could be proper for a complicated job. To support rid of a few of the complication, I will assuredly go over the essential components of a MIG welder. I will additionally inform you just what to believe about when purchasing a welder and a few of the most effective welders in the marketplace today.

Spindle Weapon
Spindle weapons are utilized with lightweight aluminum products. If you settle for choosing a spool weapon, after that, I suggest that you pick one that has unique attributes for far better welding. One essential component of spindle weapons is the euro-connect. Since you assume some of one of the primary qualities connected with picking a MIG welder, I will certainly currently go over a few of the most impressive MIG welders in the marketplace.

Wire-Feed Rate
Every MIG welder workings from a shifting wire-feed rate. Every various output calls for a different wire-feed speed to obtain sure exact welding. This is why every MIG welder has increased prices to fit different products.

Which tens unit to purchase?

Unlike typical wired systems, PlayMakar needs one pad each network. One pad gets the job done of 2. It is something we like. It indicates you do not require to put two pads on your organization to trade with one area. It makes the entire experience of making use of the gadget much less complicated, quicker and also better. So as an example, utilizing two cordless shucks and even pads on this maker would undoubtedly be the matching of 4 pads on an essential twin network tool. 

Impressive attribute: Say goodbye to cables!
An essential advantage that should not be neglected with this cordless arrangement is how very discreet it is. Without cables ranging from the controller to the pads, you could utilize this without anyone recognizing. Suitable for scenarios such as the workplace, when you should understand about it.

Our mid-range choice
Our mid-range choice is based upon simpleness and also the ease of usage. While Zewa's SpaBuddy Sporting activity may not be as contemporary as its competitors, it is just one of the best selections served for the newbie.

Could portable tens unit be promoted?
The only small problem we think worth keeping in mind is that there typically aren't any pad positioning images in the user's manual.

A standout attribute of this version that we like is the 20-hours of usage its rechargeable battery supplies. 

It has eight projects for TENS, the like our leading rated choice. These eight deal another stimulation patterns as well as need to be unusually for lots of people. The gadget's 30 strength degrees is just one of the most critical number possible. It gives you property of control over the stamina of the present.

The timer could be adjusted quickly, with hardly one switch called for-- as well as a session could be established for in between 5-95 mins, or you could go with the continual setup.

Plus has 24 TEN excitement settings, more notable than you'll locate on many devices, our v10ous other two choices consisted. The parameters are listed right into six teams with names such as 'massaging,' 'cupping,' 'reflexology.' Each of the collections has four settings within them, and while several of the parameters in the same teams might follow each various other, none are incredibly comparable.

Our position of opinion is that SpaBuddy Sporting activity's functionality exceeds a lot of the more modern much more up-to-date TENS devices. It's an excellent beginning choice, particularly for first time TENS customers as well as anyone that is more tested by running advanced technology.

The cordless telephone sheathings press into the pads via a breezy fit. The appropriate power does suggest that they cooperate with Reliv's pads. Although, they do have a membership suspension for the pads, which decreases the price considerably.

The installed switch, an extension to the + or-, tricks on the foreign, are produced the value of to cycle in among the details. Running the gadget is honest, as it has been told to make sure that just four switches are required to do anything.

Who makes best messenger bags?

The best briefcase holds a primary space in the department made for securing reports, papers, as well as various other job data. Additionally, this has three partitioned parts received for building your I.D., listing card, markers, and calling and greeting card.

The best messenger bag is going to match most of standard laptop processor speeds along with its own 15.4 in storage space environment and highlights an attached area for your tablet network, Kindle, or regular iPod. The part designed for your laptop computer highlights cushioning for keeping your computer system risk-free, and also the bag holds offices forward the edge fitting for keeping your earphones, a division of cables, and even a collection charger.

The bag incorporates a classy selection of fasteners, which resemble as though they would necessarily be added as well as free private while you open your wallet, yet they are a concept property. You are going just to have the potential to rise and unfasten the hooks at any time you have to reach your bag's ingredients completely the time. The holds will assuredly last longer and keep seeming terrific as you utilize this item overtimes.

Tumi Alpha 2 Slim Deluxe Collection

One unique and special quality this item is a wallet that makes it reasonable for the briefcase to get to your traveling bag. Merely open the specially extended portfolio as well as move the bag over the control from your rolling travel luggage. It bestows you one a lot less added the product to think about making when you demand a trip. You may anticipate this item to last several years and maintain its eye-catching attraction as opening takes place.

Even though this is a bit much tinier in opposition to any others things, you may, however, accommodate your computer operation, crucial job documentation, budget, pens, notepad, individual digital backer, as well as your business tricks on the attached hook inside the bag. The layout gives your flash, a compact handbag that is simple to lug all completely, along with dependably created cushioning to hold your electronic gadgets risk-free, in unfortunate accidents including dropping the packet.

The TUMI Alpha 2 Slim Deluxe Profile briefcase is prepared to store your notebook and a couple of various other essential products and also has a lot of areas. This layout is excellent for experts that object to the feel and look from significant, huge bags and also as an alternative wish one thing streamlined and even classy.

If you demand a bag that should store some battery chargers, additional clothing, or even various other more significant products, the slim style this item might probably not match your demands. Nevertheless, for those of you that journey illumination as well as carry out the majority of your electronic service units, this is the optimal measurements and stores a THIRTEEN in the notebook with no concerns.

Tips to know before buying a youth bow

Barnett junior youth review.Features
The Cruzer is constructed to offer a consistently smooth appearance, and more it requires Bear Archery's secondary webcam operation. The cameras help to make sure a precise shot, while beside providing a consistent and straightforward draw cycle. It ought to be stated that even though this bow is designed for usage by newbies, the many shorter brace is not as accepting as several other models. The Cruzer is an excellent opportunity for newbies preparing their aim and seekers that imperceptibly fancy a shorter bow out in the department.

The bow can generate enough kinetic energy to make proper and gentle "murder" shots. On the other side, it also includes whatever you require starting hunting. It highlights a lighted and glance website, along with an arrow quiver as well as a stabilizer that will undoubtedly help decrease noise and vibration. While this composite bow bundle might not be as quick or robust as several of the numerous other items produced by Bear, it is an excellent choice for any hunter that prefers a smaller bow.

Sound and Vibrations
Gauging a full 32 inches as well as considering just 3.6 extra pounds, you will enjoy just how easy this bow is to lug. Just what is impressive regarding this bow, is its lightweight construction and also virtually quiet layout. Unlike some compound bows which can be annoyingly hefty with a stabilizer or dampener, the Cruzer has taken care of this problem with its distinct as well as practical design.

The preloaded styled arm or legs assist in reducing vibrations felt during the draw, and also the dual cam system makes sure that release is smooth and too quiet. To guarantee your prey doesn't listen to audio the Cruzer additionally includes a string suppressor and stabilizer. Without the creaking and even various other tiny sounds that prevail with compound bows, you can conveniently slip up of your target as well as launch an arrowhead before the video game bounds away. You additionally have the advantage of the consisted of sling with this plan so you can learn to fire opened up handed to get rid of noisy recoil. You can find out more reading our Barnett junior youth review.


If you need a smaller sized bow for more youthful archers or to efficiently and conveniently hunt in confined spaces the Cruzer from Bear Archery could be precisely what you are working to find. It features a durable and also light-weight building that is simple to bring, as well as Bear's dual cam system that guarantees smooth and accurate shots.

Capable of shooting arrowheads up to 310 feet each 2nd this might not be the quicker compound bow on the market. However, it is capable of humanely removing the big and little game.

Ideas about gas grill with natural gas connection

The 485 isn't the most powerful or most relevant in the LEX line, but it's the right balance in within size as well as value.

There are three stainless-steel key heaters in the cook box, surrounded by second wall covers to keep the heat inside where it belongs. The unusually-shaped plates are stainless, as is the rear sear services. The LEX heats up promptly, keeps heated regularly, and grills like a dream.

There are two added infrared burners with their very own control knobs, a back layer to be used together with the consisted of rotisserie that sits well above the grates, and a side "sizzle zone" burner for high-heat hot. On the reverse surface of the grill is a reducing board and marinade/ice bucket, commonly with top stainless-steel racks for prep job.

A massive deal of thought indeed went into the LEX's layout, consisting of the cover which is double-walled and designed to avoid warmth loss when opened, the "Jetfire" igniters which are amongst one of the purest you'll locate anyplace, and the removable grease deflectors which prevent build-up on the burners.

There are additionals which could appear redundant to some yet excellent ideas to others, like the backlit instrument dials and the built-in hooks and dress holders on the side shelves. You can acquire optional charcoal as well as smoker tray if wanted. The grill tested is powered by gas. A gas version is implied as is a combined variation for best grills under 500.

Broil King Baron 440 Barbecue Grill

Canadian-made Broil King grills strength not hold the cache of Webers, and they do have some drawbacks. You won't find an extra complete grill for cuisine than the Baron 440 in the medium valued variety.

Three stainless steel "double tube" burners, claimed to provide more reasonable than those on the game, are inside the porcelain-coated steel cook box; the double-walled hood is made from stainless-steel too, and the grills are porcelain-coated cast iron.

The central cooking place merely is 446 square inches with a complete area of 645 inches, much of the extra space is for an added side heater, a desirable advantage at this price. You could acquire a change kit if you want to utilize natural gas rather than lp.

Weber Genesis E-310 Barbecue Grill

Weber's the name most people hold about when they're trying to achieve a gas grill. That's understandable, considering that Weber's been producing high-grade grills.

Just like Napoleon, Weber uses an extended set of gas grills. Some are great as well as a lot more pricey, with more functions, related to the E-310. The Bridegroom+ Design review club has picked this one as one of the best barbecue grills because it can be found in at a lower price point while still providing Weber-quality barbecuing.

There are regularly going to be some bargains in the materials used to build a reasonably priced grill, which's apparently why the Genesis cook box is made from lightweight cast aluminum as opposed to stainless-steel, although the three heaters are made from top-quality stainless steel. The large grates are easy-to-clean porcelain-enameled cast-iron and also the "Flavorizer bars," related to sear cuts on various other grills, are porcelain enamel.

There are some gains to cast-iron over stainless-steel; they retain warmth longer than steel, so they're an excellent decision for slow-cooking foods like ribs-- although nothing beats smoked ribs prepared in a top of the various electric smoker. You're not paying the much higher costs billed for all-stainless building and construction. The grill is designed to take the full choice of heat distribution, uniformity as well as effectiveness, so the end outcome is still delicious.

The total cooking location on this Weber is smaller connected to we 'd like, at 637 square inches, as well as some of that is taken up by the little warming rack over the central grilling location. It's ample area to prepare dinner for the family.

There are no supporting burners, yet there are good-sized work areas on both sides of the grill, and also the personal igniters on each heater seem to work the first time. The grill relocates quickly on its wheel wheels, too. Similar to the LEX, the Bridegroom+ Style group examined the gas design yet a natural gas design is additionally offered.

Tips about Functions of an Electric Smoker

Cold Smoking: As the hot smoking, the meat in cold smoking was furthermore held on big tools and smoked at the warmth of 77 to 92 degrees. This procedure takes even more time to cook the meat entirely while it remains relatively damp.

Smoke Roasting or Baking: This style of smoking food is known as "barbecuing" in our country. The method was implemented in closed wood-fired stonework over or a barbecue pit. This standard routine ended up being favored, yet needs to be carried out in a well-ventilated area.

People love the moist, tender results that started with the smoking technique. Lifestyles have altered over time, and it's not consistently practical, nor permissible by your neighborhood watch, to have a smokehouse in your backyard. The introduction of electric smokers has led the way for the ordinary American to delight in smoked meats with family member ease and also satisfaction.

Establish it and also forget It! That's the central attraction of an electric smoker. An electric smoker gives simple to use, straightforward controls and a budget plan friendly price.

The electric smoker observes temperature throughout the cookery process providing a hands-off technique to smoking. Tabletop versions even enable smoking right in the convenience of your kitchen.

Space: Most of the electric smokers are roomy adequate to smoke meat for a big team of individuals. The cooking chamber size ranges between 526 square inches to 730 square inches.

The large smoking chamber is separated right into 2-4 sections including chrome-coated These racks can be transported quickly to cook a big piece of meat or to clean the food preparation chamber. A regular electric smoker battles the very least four chrome-coated racks.

Abandon the memory of those yard heavy charcoal smokers, hard to move and construct. Smart electric smokers are lightweight which provides you the ease of compliance. The average weight arrays from 40 to 60 pounds. These smokers additionally have frictionless making it easy for you to remove them.

User-friendliness of any gadget or home design profoundly influences your option. Electric smokers are getting more available as well as easier to utilize. Many now featured remotes or cordless addition to apps. Do not allow the change scare you away from trying something brand-new.

Electric smokers are well-known for their toughness. The treatment and products made use of in the can smoked meat be refrozen are involved and sturdy, making the appliance 100% secure for you as well as your family. The inner wall coverings of the smoker are made from stainless steel which not just gives it flexible and lightweight, rust immune.

Stainless-steel wall surfaces and inexpensive food give low-temperature levels, and the electric smoker offers us healthy proteins and veggies with little mess. Transfer the racks, then spray down the walls and cleanup is perfect.
When used correctly, the electrical smoker does not position risk of electric shock or accidental burns from the smoke.


Light - Cordless hoover is much lighter in weight related to pipes powered options presenting them more accessible to hug the house altogether.
Small - Slimmer and smaller sized cordless vacuum is pure to store away and will certainly come in small measures. They are much better for quick cleans.
Versatile - The vacuum cleaners have an option setup, and ad-dons make it less painful to reach out all edges of your apartment.
Portable - As others are battery powered, so it package is made use of wherever. They are merely typical for cleaning cars.

Lower dust size - It merely means they want to be cleared which could be a depression.
Reduced battery life - Vacuum cleaner running time is generally between 18 as well as 46 mins entirely to clean up a cottage. High power environments will drain pipes the battery a lot more quickly.
Expensive - The very best regular vacuums typically aren't affordable however you will undoubtedly battle to obtain high performance until you pay up.

Cordless vacuum typically isn't as powerful as mains powered ones so they can have difficulty with heavy carpeting.
I have perceived some of the best cordless vacuum cleaners immediately accessible on the market, and also experts have provided several of the knowledge given will undoubtedly help you to choose cordless vacuum which is excellent for you.

Dyson v8 cordless line is recognized for its leading production among cordless vacuum cleaners, and also the V8 Absolute is just one of the advanced and updated features.

It is among the long-lasting standards than the previous period. Dyson V8 Outright is powered by a V8 model. The weight of this vacuum cleaner is five extra pounds with a facility of scale which is near the dust canister.
It will perform it easy to vacuum any spot from the floor to ceiling. Dyson V8 Outright is the only vacuum which is the portion of the V line with complete machine HEPA washing.
As soon as your bill up until the vacuum cleaner, it will last for 40 minutes in a conventional setting and about 10 minutes at optimal pressure is only used for cleansing to reduce the dust in the carpeting the straight drive cleaner head drives bristles deeper. It has 150% more brush bar power related to the shark vs dyson, Dyson V6 cord-free vacuum cleaner.

With the V8 Dyson combines two different portable floor heads. For deep cleaning carpets, there is upright drive cleaner with the compact design. For cleaning up hard floors, there is soft roller cleaner which will assuredly pick up both large dust and large debris.
It is an original drive cleaner head drives buried right into the carpet to extract the dust. It provides 160% even more brush bar rule than the Dyson v6 cable complimentary vacuum.

To improve the air flow, as well as capture fine dirt 15 cyclones, are built throughout two tires which operate in correspondence to improve air transportation. It is moderate in power and well adjusted for the carpet to ceiling cleaning. 

Ideas about a new waffle maker

You can find more than 2000 individual customer reviews on Amazon, the majority of which are highly favorable. Buyers like just how simple this is actually to well-maintained, its affordable price factor, as well as the various waffle environments you can utilize.
Clean-up is straightforward. You could clean up the grids by cleaning with a moist fabric. To clean outside, rub with a smooth dry out the matter. After you are performed, wrap the wire under the all-time low of the system and then modify it on its front for silky storage. It highlights a three-year warranty, in addition to a recipe publication.

There are over 3,300 consumer reviews on, as well as most are sure and definite.  I had been yearning all of them for months - not the thick Belgium ones, yet the out-of-date, thin crunchy ones. User-friendly, creates good waffles. I used an atmosphere in between 3-4, and they gave up excellent.

The Gourmet chef's Option Pro Express Waffle Maker is the most innovative waffle producer in our manual. That has plenty of patented technology like the "Quad" baking unit that lets you individualize the taste, structure, as well as shade from your sphere Belgian waffle. The critical selling factor below is that it is going to bake your waffle in less than 80 secs.That improves this robust system coming from a weekend soldier to an everyday machine. You can find the best waffle maker.

Forward with an integrated cable storing area, the waffle creator could be easily kept in a space-saving, upright stance. The waffle creator has a minimum 1-year manufacturer's warranty, along with a manual of dishes.

You can find more than 225 consumer reviews on Most of them claim, considering the relative advantage of making use of this waffle maker. Even those that for best-designed waffles produced by the home appliance, the waffles appear so crunchy.  That's merely fine by United States waffle members, though.

The Black & Decker G48TD 3-in-1 Waffle Maker and Grill is a waffle maker, a frying pan, and a grill. All you require to do to switch over from creating waffles to searing up eggs and sausage is to modify the nonstick relatively easy to fix to prepare food plates. A unique 180-degree hinge doubles the open cooking area, so you'll wind up forward with two eight-inch-square frying pans for hotcakes, eggs, or sausage. At that point, you can shift that up once more to grill a sandwich for lunchtime.

There are many variable warm managements to decide. The grease run-off stations along the edge of this particular grill quickly and slightly transport excess oils. Along with its chrome door and stay-cool black artificial deals with, this appliance looks excellent. You can soon wrap the cable as well as stand up the device upright for small storing. It involves a short one year guaranty.

What do you know about the pioneers from pellet smokers?

The Elite is the most considerable oven in Memphis Lumber Fire Grills' remarkable collection from high-end pellet smokers. They are correctly made and adequately created. The high-grade 304 stainless-steel is sturdy and astonishingly well ground. Match and finish are exquisite. Memphis smokers are some of the best ovens someone can use. 

The Elite's electronic control board is a sophisticated touch-pad PID operator that keeps installed heat levels along with more safety than the majority of kitchen ovens. It's easy to work and supplies a combined chicken probing and also some original shows choices. You may cook this to prepare your brisket up to 200 ° F then go down to a reduced cooking food temp to keep it hot without overcooking.

Traeger is the real leader from pellet smoking. This firm started the first pellet smokers, and that continues to be the best-known brand, although competitors are growing. There's entirely nothing fancy listed below. As opposed to a touch-pad operator, Traeger works with an older-style electronic dial controller.

In fact, 74 to 85% of pellet smokers in the USA are Traegers. The contract is that they are efficiently created, though some customers charge that premium has gone down rating that building moved to China.  Traeger could be found in many public companies, like Cabela's and also Costco. It's seemingly not unusual to locate unique packages on this well-liked product, so maintain your eyes free.

This pellet smoker is loaded along with significant roles, as well as natural to locate for action here list price. That has an older-style marked digital operator, like just what Traeger utilizes, Camp Chef includes a twin LED readout for the consisted of pork thermostat so you can quickly toggle between cooking food temperature level and personal chicken temperature level. 

Pellet smokers are known to generate lightweight smoke flavor. They are quite different from best propane smokers. Camping ground Gourmet chef's worker includes a pair of low-temperature setups that make it desirable for the hardwood pellets to smolder as well as product added smoke. Although bullets don't make much ash, this works must occasionally be reduced, which is always a discomfort thinking that the fatty grates, as well as drip pot, must be asked turned on access the melting pot. The DLX is one of some ways on the market along with an ash-removal system that collects ash in a cup under the smoke carton for a quick and easy fingertip.

Louisiana Grills was among the 1st providers to beef in on Traeger's one-brand program. The slight CS 450 is just one of its new extended styles. Louisiana changed each one of its pellet smokers to feature digital touch-pad workers with incorporated meat probes. The temperature will undoubtedly maintain cooking temp just like you're in the home kitchen stove performs. As a safety and security segment, the meat product probe may be set for your proposed target temp. When the chicken heat level cheers within 10 ° F of the aim for, the controller goes fluff the smoker down to 170 ° F to block overcooking.

A lot of pellet smokers maintain a level drip plate under the cooking food grate that deals warm and catches oil and crud. Louisiana uses a bent "Curved Flavor Shield" that represents the form of the cover. It claims that this concept presents a larger surface area for pork drippings to crackle and enhance the taste. The Flavor Shield besides has an area over the fire stand that can quickly slide out of the means to subject raised which enable meats to sear over the prepared flame.

What you must know about laser level tripod

Many makers would advise picking the tripod before saving it. It helps to stay clear of situations of suffering or corrosion. Having decline is challenging, it could wind up destroying the pricey machines you have.
If you are in difficulty on the most effective approach to wage cleaning, always think about becoming a look at the manual for continued information on the tripod care warnings from the company.

Working with your laser level has been explained when using a tripod. It means that you lead enjoy working faster when having the laser level placed on a tripod.

Various producers will continuously have features that make them supply the most useful tripods. Perform special that you catch the time to explain more regarding the tripod before replying to it. It is satisfying when you approach end up with the most useful tripod for laser level.


The Bosch tile laser can project 90-degree lines plus optional 45-degree line that make it best for settling.
The laser lines are prepared to show up before the laser base, causing it simple for centering and also a precise adjustment.
The Bosch GTL3 Professional Ceramic tile Laser is rainwater and dirt shielded to make it reputable for many years, even with regular use in various locations.
The maker has consisted of a magnet that provides for protected add-on on the placing plate.

The tiling laser level does create two lines on the surface of the flooring. The wires go to a 90-degree angle creating it simple for tiling floorings or walls.
You could make use of the Johnson 40-6616 

Tiling/Flooring laser level with tripod in several surface areas such as ceramic tiles, rocks, brick, wood flooring as well as carpet.
The integrated protractor helps with conveniently increasing the angles. You could change the edges with an appearance that is fitting for your present application.

This design will undoubtedly predict horizontal and upright inch chalk lines that are readily detectable on any outside you are working on currently.

People enjoy making use of Bosch GTL2 Laser Square as you can utilize it to add and also modify angles in 5-degree increments.
It is an excellent renovation to just what people have endured since with other designs that have significant level gains.
The device is efficiently run with a single button. On pushing the button, the two straight laser lines are triggered.

When it concerns accuracy, the Bosch GTL3 Expert Tile Laser practices the first domain. It has an efficiency within 1/16 inch for a range of 20 feet and within 1/8 inch every 20 feet between 45 ° and 90 ° lines. The Johnson 40-6616 Tiling/Flooring Laser Level can be located in 2nd with an accuracy of 1/4 inch at 60 feet.
The Bosch GTL2 Laser Square efficiency is the lowest among the three being ranked at 1/2 inch at 30 feet.

Laser Variety
The laser collection varies a whole lot for these laser squares with Bosch GTL3 Ceramic tile Laser beginning with the top regularly with a variety of 65 feet.

The Bosch GTL2 Square Laser and Johnson Degree Device 40-6616 have a mixture of 30 feet of laser range for internal purposes.
The laser level will undoubtedly confirm how much you can opt for your work before needing to move the laser square to get brand-new laser lines for the job.