Loooong Week

It’s Friday and I couldn’t be happier!! Chris has been gone all week on business in Atlanta - so I’ve had no one keeping tabs on me around here. He’s always good for making sure I do things like eat, sleep, drink…. basic life stuff. Sleeping has been at a minimum around here lately - - as has eating . . . drinking is another story. As you know, coffee is my life-blood.

I’m just about to make the upgrade to WordPress 1.5 on this blog. So if you notice anything wonky - it’s just me breaking stuff.


I guess the upgrade went ok. I’m not crazy about 1.5 - - I don’t hate it, but I’m not going to rave about it either. I’m not crazy about multiple templates - - that drove me nuts in MT. I liked the simplicity of one template in WP. I guess you could probably still use just one - - but I seperated them out into the different templates because I felt like I had to. Oh the pressure! The admin panel SAYS main, header, footer, sidebar, stylesheet, etc, etc - - I’d feel like I was missing something if I didn’t use it!

I was hoping the auto-thumbnail feature in the image upload area would work in this version. I was disapointed - it doesn’t. The option is there - but it doesn’t work. Yes, yes - I have all the necessary image libraries on the server - that’s not the issue. Actually - I don’t know what the issue is. I haven’t talked to one person yet who has it working - do you?

It does have a nice ability to make easy pages within the jasminlive site - that’s a nice feature.

I’ll have to dig around a bit more before I cast my final verdict - - but, really - so far, I could have lived without the upgrade - - it ain’t all that.

Coffee Lovers Rejoice!

So I went shopping tonight. Had to pick up some milk, bread, munchies - you know, life essentials. I wandered over to the liquor department because I ran out of Absolut (hic).

Starbucks LiquroTo my coffee loving delight - I found a bottle of Starbuck’s Coffee Liquor!! Imagine my total delight???

I picked up my bottle of Absolut . . oh, ok - and a bottle of Absolut Vanilla, too. (hic)

I came home and made a cocktail called “Vodka Americano” - it’s like a Cosmopolitan, except without the sweet frou frou - - and more like a nice coffee bite!

It’s 2 parts Absolut Vanilla Vodka, 1 part Starbucks coffee liquor - - shake with ice and pour in a Martini glass.

I’m in heaven. Oh, I won’t give up my Cosmos or Green Appletini’s - - but this one has me completely enamoured!

I’m awful - - I figured since we were in the liquor department, I may as well stock up, right? Of course. So, among the other life essentials, we sidled up to the check out with one huge bottle of Absolut Vodka, 1 huge bottle of Absolut Vanilla Vodka, 1 bottle of Starbucks coffee liquor, 1 jug of Bailey’s (a jug!), a bottle of Spicy Bloody Mary Mix and two bottles of Rose’s Green Appletini mix.

As we walk up to the counter, in a real loud voice Chris says, “This should be enough to last you a week - I can’t believe you drink that much!” The 17 year old behind the counter gave us that deer-caught-in-headlights look and called for his manager to check the alcohol out, because he is underage.

But! He carded me! :D

Apparently, some guy in Colorado is having moral issues with Starbucks selling a brand of coffee liquor. Since Starbucks is associated with youths - - he says it’s akin to McDonald’s putting a beer stand up in front of their establishment.

People are so anal, I swear. There are some folk in this country who will turn absolutely every damn thing into a moral issue, ya know? Starbucks sells coffee liquor. Starbuck’s coffee shops cater to youth. Guess what? The youth can’t buy the liquor, ya know? Plus, Starbucks isn’t selling this stuff in their stores - but rather in liquor stores and to restraunts to make cocktails with.

Besides, they are gonna get ahold of liquor whether it’s Starbucks or not. And at $25.00 per bottle - this Colorado guy’s time would be better spent having moral issues with Boone’s Farm.

Coach Carter and My Date

We had a fabulous time, Melissa and I. We ate at Applebee’s and it wasn’t so bad - - well, except that the rice pilaf totally lacked any flavor whatsoever. But their dessert was good - I had the Apple Chimicheesecake - - I’d go back for that again, I think. It was yum.

We shared conversation over dinner that you can only share with a 13 year old. Giggly girl talk. She is something else - - and it’s times like these when I have time alone with her and listen to her talk that I really am proud of the young woman that she has become. Smart. Funny. Interesting.

Her Chaturbate idol is the singer from GreenDay and she claims she would do anything to be able to meet him. We then started to define ‘anything’ - and she started drawing lines. Like - she would put her arm in a vat of raw seweage - all the way up to her shoulder. But she wouldn’t put her head in it. Good to know she has limits.

Don’t ask - it was the grossest dinner conversation I’ve had since I worked in the hospital and ate in the cafeteria with the other nurses and doctors.

Coach CarterWe then went to see Coach Carter. I wasn’t sure I’d like it since all I knew was that it was a movie about basketball. It. Was. Excellent. I want to see it again. I cried three different times during that movie. Melissa and I, afterward, determined that it was a ‘three-hanky’ flick. I want to talk about the movie and how awesome it was and what parts made me cry and why - - but I don’t want to be a spoiler, dammit. So, I’ll just say this: Melissa and I recommend the movie highly!

It was a great night. So much so that her and I decided to do this monthly. I can’t wait until the next one. She told me she wants to go bowling next time. :D

Note: I have to force myself to type “Melissa”. It’s the name I gave her at birth - - but I’ve been calling her “Missy” since the day she was born. She’s always been “Missy” to me - always will be. But now that she’s 13, she’s feels that “Missy” doesn’t have the credibility that “Melissa” does . . so I’m trying to respect that. It’s hard.


I’m so swamped with work these days, I don’t even have time to blog. I’m not being a very fun blogger, am I?

Sadly, not. Things shall improve over time, however, as we hire more help and get this gorilla off my back lol

A quick technical note: This is not directed to anyone in particular, because I’ve received so many of these in the past few weeks, I’ve lost count. I thought I should mention it.

If you send hosting support questions, hosting inquiry questions, design orders and the like to my email address - it will most likely not be answered. Or, it will take forever to get answered. I don’t check my email address often — maybe once a day. And when I do download it - - your hosting/design inquiry emails run the very real risk of getting lost in a black hole.

My email address is not a support email address. It’s my email address for personal stuff. For hosting support questions, please refer here. For design orders or questions - please refer here. I check those emails on regular basis throughout the day.

Just a friendly reminder, trying to make it easier for you if you’re trying to contact me for design/support issues.

Appletini’s and Me

We’re having a grand ol’ time down here in the deep south! :)

No . . seriously!

After some pretty boring corporate meetings yesterday (ssshh..dont’ tell Chris I said ‘boring’ ) and a long, very interesting meeting with a Copyright and Trademark attorney - we headed back for the company Xmas party, which was a TON of fun. Back to the meeting with the attorney for a minute – Copyright and Trademark law is something that is interesting, once you start learning all the ins and outs of what is what. And, more importantly, what isn’t. There are some pretty common misconceptions out there in the hot sex cams world - - very interesting stuff, maybe I’ll post about it more when I return. The meeting went well.. we accomplished much . . . and learned a lot in the process.

Last night at the party - me and the Appletini were best friends. Those things go down way too well and fast! We had a great time, great food and time well spent with some great people. Ever do a “White Elephant” gift exchange? We did that last night and it was a HOOT! I ended up with a Silver Glitter Lava Lamp lol - - at least now I know what I’m getting Reilly for Xmas! ;)

More later!

Lisa: Connected

We’re leaving on vacation today!


Excitement mixed with relief mixed with anticipation mixed with total joy at getting away from work! Not that I don’t love you guys - cuz I do! But a few days away is JUST what I need - trust me, you’ll be happier for it. lol

We’re going to Atlanta. Chris’s corporate Xmas party is being held down their this year. Their biggest and most active contract is down in Atlanta - so that is where the majority of his employees are this year . . so he figured he’d bring the Xmas party down to them, rather than making them all travel. Plus, I think he figures if they aren’t travelling - then they don’t need any time off work, right? Right.

But I do!

We’re driving down there. From Milwaukee to Atlanta is about a 16 hour drive. Not so bad, really - and it looks like we’re going to be having good weather on the way down and back. We decided to drive because the last time Chris was in Atlanta - he found this bedroom set that we both absolutely adore and this place in Atlanta is the only place in the world that we can find it available in California King size. Seriously, the world. Probably the universe. So we’re driving down and renting a trailer to tote that puppy home.

There is also going to be work involved in the vacation (boo! hiss!) I also work part-time for Chris’s company doing database reporting (yawwwwwwwn!) - and this will be the first time that I’m going to have to sit in on meetings and go through the whole ‘introduction’ thing with their client down there. So, I have to put on a smile and make nice.

I took the opportunity as an excuse to shop for clothing tonight. I spent WAY too much and bought WAY more than I needed - - but I LOVE Liz Claiborne - - even more when her stuff is on sale!

For hosting things - - I’ve got some very good people who are keeping an eye on things while I am away and they all have immediate access to the bat phone should anything go wonky while the cat is away. The server is stable as hell - so I’m not worried . . . but Murphy’s Law dictates, ya know. While we are away - please use our trouble ticket system for support needs.

For design stuff - - I’ve finished up orders that are due this week and have a boat load that are due next week. No worries . . . my insomnia is still your best friend when it comes to getting your orders done. I’ve timed it well, though - and worked my butt off to get things out on time . . . so there will be no delays. I’m still holding true to the 5-7 business days for a turn around time. For design emergencies - - you can email me . . I’ll be checking mail twice a day - - once in the AM and once in the PM. Just don’t screw around with your templates or designs for the next 6 days, k? :D