Notes from Georgia

Ok. It’s the south. AND IT’S COLD! Why did I have the impression that Atlanta would be warm? It’s almost as cold here as it was when we left home! And speaking of home - - talk about one great big injustice . . it snowed at home. Yep - snow. They have snow. Not only that - but while I’m here in Georgia, I download my mail and get one from or local ski hill. They’ve been making snow all week…blah blah blah - - couple that with the 12 degree weather. . . blah blah blah - - they are open all week long . . yada yada - - all of their runs . . all week.

I’m trying to remember who it was that told me life is fair - - then I’m going to track them down and put BenGay in their undershorts!!!

* deep breath *

Ok - so I can ski next week, right? Sure, sure - - Wisconsin will probably have a heat wave once we get back.

We picked up our bedroom set today. We rented a UHaul trailer that we’ll be dragging home with our new bed, dresser, armoire and 2 night stands . . since we had room – we picked up a new sofa and loveseat that I just fell in love with while we were at the furniture gallery.

I also found a Pier One Outlet store down here. I thought I would be in heaven - - everything was marked 80 - 90% off. But once we entered the store and started browsing - - we shortly figured out the big reason for the discounts. The store should have been called teh Pier One Reject Store. Nothing worth purchasing. Even their candles sucked. /sigh

I’m still tasting Appletini today. That’s what I get for having 8 of them last night. Yep. 8.

Will. Not. Repeat.

I’ve been kicked back tonight to get a bit of work done. Even on vacation, work never stops. But that’s ok - between the Appletini’s and massive shopping day - - work is beginning to feel like a bit of vacation from my vacation! ;)

Tomorrow night, it’s dinner with Dan, Tammy, Libby and Tim. Tammy is cooking Turduken. I’ve heard of it - - but have never had it. It sounds like a PETA activist’s nightmare - - I’m sure I’ll LOVE it! :D

Later, gators!!